Storing my tools

Ever since we moved into a new apartment (one without basement or an extra room, to store bulky stuff you don't need often) earlier this year, my tools and miscellaneous DIY–consumables have been sitting in a transparent IKEA box in our living room. It was not a very visually pleasing solution, to say the least. So I started looking for cheap, old tool cabinets, preferrable one with wheels online.

After a couple of months with a few failed attempts where I actually found one that I liked but the sale never happened (whats up with private sellers being so uncommitted and flimsy?), last weekend we finally rented a car and drove to Schönefeld to buy the most beautiful tool cabinet I've ever laid eyes on 😍


It's about 30% bigger than what I was aiming for, turns out that's a good thing because I greatly underestimated the amount of tools & misc tool-related stuff I own. Also there's some room for expansion.

I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning, removing rust, treating and refurbishing the wood. Also I got some very simple & cheap wooden boxes from modulor, that I fitted with some feet so they can be stacked & interlocked with each other.

All my tools are out of sight & I now have workbench where I can build stuff.