How to post to mastodon automatically from an RSS Feed

There are countless plugins and integrations for autoposting stuff to Twitter, but I could not find a single service that supports mastodon yet, luckily you can set up autoposting of your RSS feed items to mastodon pretty easily yourself!

1. Create an application on your mastodon instance

This might differ from instance to instance.
For you can get there by clicking "Preferences > Development > Your applications" or click here.

Create a new App & Name it. You don't need to fill in the "Redirect URI".

Set the scopes accordingly. We only need our app to have permission post new toots, so check "write:statuses" and uncheck everything else.

Save your application and note down the access token that is displayed at the top of the application's settings screen.

2. Set up your Service of choice

There are several services that allow you to run tasks and link different webservices, I personally like to use Zapier or sometimes IFTTT.

I'll go through the steps required for Zapier in this Article, if you need help setting up some other service, let me know and I'll add it to this guide.

2.1 Zapier

2.1.1 Set up Trigger

As a Trigger, choose "RSS by Zapier" and select "New Item in Feed".
In the following step input your feed URL.
Run the test! It should look something like this:


2.1.2 Set up Action

As an action choose "Webhooks by Zapier" and select "POST"

Enter this

as the URL, replace "123453442341234" by the access token for your application you got in step 1. of this guide.

In the Data section enter "status" as key and use the editor to pull in items from your feed, format the status as you like. Mine looks like this:


Leave the rest of the fields with their default settings.
Continue and test. The test will create a new, public toot on your mastodon account.
Now save and activate your Zap.

That's it!

Whenever there's a new item in your RSS feed, Zapier will create a post on your mastodon account, like this:

🤢 Le Buffet Wintergarten im KDW — 0/5

We went there to have some coffee, it tasted like soup.

Would not recommend.

Device Orientation Events 👌

So Device Orientation Events are pretty neat. We came up with this prototype last night while working on a UI refresh for the transforms are mapped to the physical orientation of your device.

sweeter graphics in no mans sky (or any other game)

Since the re-release of No Man's Sky dubbed "No Man's Sky: NEXT", I've been HOOKED. You can watch us play on Kim's twitch channel!

In my opinion the game does still not offer all that much variety gameplay wise, it is pretty though.

click the image for the full resolution, keep in mind that this is a raw image that will be displayed smaller when in game!

Whenever I saw screenshots on reddit, I couldn't help myself but think that other people's games looked better than mine, which was weird because I own a decently spec'd PC. Turns out they just looked better, because I never looked at the images in full resolution but at downscaled thumbnails.

If only you could achieve that same level of visual crispness while playing the game!

Dynamic Super Resolution to the rescue!

Turns out, you can use the DSR Feature of the Nvida Control Panel to introduce a new, virtual resolution and achieve exactly that effect!

  1. right click on your desktop
  2. click on "open Nvidia Control Panel"
  3. select "Manage 3D Settings" in the Sidebar
  4. make sure you have the "Global Settings" tab selected
  5. set the DSR-Factors setting to the desired factor

I set mine to a factor of 1.5 on a GTX1060.

The native resolution of my screen is 2560x1440, if you multiply each side by factor 1.5, you get a new resolution of 3840x2160.

Running the game at a higher resolution, of course, means that your graphics card has to do more work, so aditionally I tweaked a few settings in game, to gain some more of those sweet FPS.

Resolution the new resultion you just introduced
V-Sync off
Anti Aliasing off
Anisotropic Filtering off

There are, some jagged edges because of the disabled AA, but honestly I barely notice that, the resolution downsampling helps to mitigate that as well, I think.

Of course this technique is not limited to NMS and will work on other games as well, some even provide this out of the box, the setting is called "3D Resolution Scale" most of the time.