sweeter graphics in no mans sky (or any other game)

Since the re-release of No Man's Sky dubbed "No Man's Sky: NEXT", I've been HOOKED. You can watch us play on Kim's twitch channel!

In my opinion the game does still not offer all that much variety gameplay wise, it is pretty though.

click the image for the full resolution, keep in mind that this is a raw image that will be displayed smaller when in game!

Whenever I saw screenshots on reddit, I couldn't help myself but think that other people's games looked better than mine, which was weird because I own a decently spec'd PC. Turns out they just looked better, because I never looked at the images in full resolution but at downscaled thumbnails.

If only you could achieve that same level of visual crispness while playing the game!

Dynamic Super Resolution to the rescue!

Turns out, you can use the DSR Feature of the Nvida Control Panel to introduce a new, virtual resolution and achieve exactly that effect!

  1. right click on your desktop
  2. click on "open Nvidia Control Panel"
  3. select "Manage 3D Settings" in the Sidebar
  4. make sure you have the "Global Settings" tab selected
  5. set the DSR-Factors setting to the desired factor

I set mine to a factor of 1.5 on a GTX1060.

The native resolution of my screen is 2560x1440, if you multiply each side by factor 1.5, you get a new resolution of 3840x2160.

Running the game at a higher resolution, of course, means that your graphics card has to do more work, so aditionally I tweaked a few settings in game, to gain some more of those sweet FPS.

Resolution the new resultion you just introduced
V-Sync off
Anti Aliasing off
Anisotropic Filtering off

There are, some jagged edges because of the disabled AA, but honestly I barely notice that, the resolution downsampling helps to mitigate that as well, I think.

Of course this technique is not limited to NMS and will work on other games as well, some even provide this out of the box, the setting is called "3D Resolution Scale" most of the time.